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Our expertise and efficiency make us an ideal  choice to provide you with custom-tailored "traditional premium finance" strategies. From formation of the right design matched with the best product choice to funding the premiums of the underlying policy, our knowledge and experience is your advantage.

Premium Finance
Leveraged Planning  Solutions enable businesses and individuals to implement insurance and annuity backed financial strategies to achieve a broad range 
of goals - from buy/sell funding to estate planning.

Business Planning
Retirement Planning
Buy-sell agreements, key man policies, COLI - Leveraged Planning solutions provide the means to implement and fund all of these and more. With the possibility for tax advantaged treatment and the potential to significantly free up existing assets, these solutions can prove particularly valuable as business planning approaches.

Whether you are 35 and far from retiring, 55 and getting closer or, like many other business owners, you are looking for ways to better prepare for retirement, Leveraged Planning solutions can provide you with a total or supplemental retirement income stream in the future, depending upon your particular requirements.